Our Mission

To bring home brewing to the users of the canals and waterways of Britain or anybody for that matter. A craft that has been nearly lost to the general masses for far too long.

Home brewing ales and wines was all part of the daily chores for hundreds if not thousands of years until the big breweries and wineries said we couldn’t do it as good as they could. Well the new generation of home brew beers, wines and spirits kits is up there with the best of their commercial equivalents and in a lot of cases much better.

Who’s on ‘The Home Brew Boat’?

Barry & Sandra

Barry Teutenberg was born in Gisborne on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand. In 1976 on a six month pub crawl of Britain with mates he caught the ‘boating bug’ after spotting the barges on the Norfolk Broads and some of the colourful narrowboats on the canal near Northampton.

He ran a successful photography business for 26 years before selling it in 2008 to pursue his dream of travelling the waterways of Britain by narrowboat.  Having spent many years photographing weddings, school groups, family portraits and commercial work, Barry loved nothing better than capturing the beauty of the canals and places along the way, taking the canal photos you see scattered throughout the website.

 In 2011 Barry opened up a home brew supplies shop in Gisborne called ‘ezimade  using his extensive brewing knowledge and business expertise to interact with his customers creating lasting relationships.  Barry sold the shop in September 2013.

Sandra Walsh, his wife, was born in Shirley, Solihull, and is a qualified nurse and midwife, having practised nursing and midwifery in a variety of roles and places for 35 years.  She fulfilled a long held dream and immigrated to New Zealand in 2005, meeting Barry who subsequently persuaded her to return to England for six months in 2009 to buy a narrowboat!

Barry and Sandra married in 2009 – firstly in England on the roof of their narrowboat ‘Northern Pride’ then back in New Zealand on one of Gisborne’s lovely beaches. Barry and Sandra have four grown up children between them, two in NZ and two in UK – as well as two gorgeous grandsons in England.

Over two six-month periods in 2009 and 2010, Barry and Sandra travelled almost 2,000 miles on the waterways of England and Wales, following which they sold their beloved ‘Northern Pride’.

After much thought and planning they sold, gave away or packed up all their belongings, and returned to England in March 2013, purchasing another narrowboat called ‘AREandARE’. She’s 60′ long, with room for family and friends to come and visit, as well as space for Barry to run ‘The Home Brew Boat’ and Sandra to run her ventures as a ‘Face-painter’, livening up the various canal festivals that we trade from.

So if you see ‘AREandARE’ somewhere on the cut and you need any brewing supplies give us a shout or a call and we’d be more than happy to pull over. In fact we are available anytime (well almost anytime) to take a call about anything brewing related. That’s what we’re here for after all …

(We are NOT just a 9am – 5pm business)