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Bulldog Brews beer kits take home brewing to a whole new level

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‘Bulldog Brews’ have chosen to go way beyond the traditional Premium kits based on 3 kgs of malt extract and often using the same fast but boring yeast strain across the range.

The ‘Bulldog Brews’ beer kits all contain unprecedented amounts of malt extract, different varieties of hop pellets for the extra finishing touch and specialist brewers yeast strains for a true brewery quality home made beer.

So what makes these kits so special? Let’s have a look inside!

These kits are the first on the market using bag-in-box technology packaging, this was chosen over cans because:

  • It allows the use of various weights in each different homebrew beer kit, so more malt in the dark ales
  • It is a more robust packaging, well suited for online sales and for mail orders.
  • It gives us a lower carbon footprint than using metal cans.
  • This type of packaging is cheaper than cans, so more raw material can be put into each beer kit for the same cost.
  • The bags can be used to store wine or other liquid in an airtight environment and easily dispensed using the optional screw-on tap.

The new ‘Bulldog Brews’ beer kits are packed with new and innovative solutions and together with impressive amounts of the best available raw materials, produce a stunning quality home brewed beer.

Some of the highlights are – varietal hop pellets using teabag technology, varietal brewers strain yeasts and the first ever 4.7 kg malt extract kit on the market.

Download the Full Brewing Instructions

Bulldog Brews Beer Kits – the range



Hammer of Thor

Special Gravity Lager 4.0 kg – 6% ABV

With its 6% alcohol, this strong viking combines a masculine bite with a soft liquid golden touch, good body and refreshing bitterness. Serve cold.




Raja’s Reward

India Pale Ale 3.4 kg – 4.8% ABV

Golden straw coloured, notes of citrus and a hint of tropical fruit. Good body, very crisp and distinct hoppiness. Perfect with spicy food.





Cortez Gold

Mexican Cerveza 3.0 kg – 4.3% ABV

Light in colour, good bitterness, the perfect drink when surrounded by desert bandidos. Serve ice cold. (never ride out without ice).





Pennine Peak

Yorkshire Bitter 3.3 kg – 4.7% ABV

Malty and rich with a smooth feel and a creamy head. Full bodied and perfectly balanced with a long hoppy finish.





Triple Tykes

Special Export Ale 4.0 kg – 5.4% ABV

Smooth, strong, malty with fruity notes and hints of vanilla and toast. Perfect balance between body and bitterness with a clean finish.





Cobnar Wood

Northern Brown Ale 3.8 kg – 4.8% ABV

Smooth balance between Fuggles hops and the full bodied roasted malt flavours. Hints of chocolate malt with a nutty finish.





 Evil Dog Double IPA

American West Coast IPA 4.7 kg – 7.1% ABV

An Amercian Double IPA craft beer kit containing 4.7kg of malt extract, and potent Summit and Simcoe American hops in a teabag hop sachet. Serve Cold!




Four Fingers Jack APA

American Pale Ale 3.6 kg – 4.6% ABV

An Amercian Pale Ale craft beer kit containing 3.6kg of malt extract, and American Centennial/Zeus hops in a teabag hop sachet.




Easter Brew Chocolate Stout

Chocolate Stout 4.2 kg – 6.0% ABV

Easter Brew Chocolate Stout is a very solid stout with heavy malty flavours and with a perfect dash of chocolate.




Bad Cat Imperial Red

Imperial Red 4.7 kg – 7.5% ABV

Bad Cat Imperial Red is full bodied, bursting with malty flavours and powerful fruity & citrus hop aromas from the American Amarillo & Willamette dry hopping.




Strawberry Pale Ale

Strawberry Pale Ale 3.1 kg – 4.5% ABV

Bulldog Brews Strawberry Pale Ale is a delicious and fantastic summer session ale, bursting with strawberry and citrus.


Bulldog Brews Beer Kits have been created using modern brewing technology but with firm roots in traditional brewing. Bulldog Brews Beer Kits are manufactured using:

– Extreme amount of raw materials
– Varietal brewers yeast, suited for each beer type
– Varietal finishing hops in pellet form

Add only water and priming sugar, everything else is already included in the kit!

Bulldog Brews Beer Kits – comparison

Beer kits comparison chart for the Bulldog Brews range of beermaking kits. The table shows averages over a number of fermentations so not necessarily exactly what you will get for each type.

Type Weight kgs Start gravity Final gravity Alcohol % Bitterness EBU Colour EBC Hop pellets
Hammer of Thor Special Export Lager 4.0 1051 1006 6.0 25-35 8-10 Saaz/Hallertau
Raja’s Reward I.P.A. 3.4 1044 1008 4.8 40-45 15-20 Goldings/Fuggles
Cortez Gold Mexican Cerveza 3.0 1039 1008 4.3 30-40 8-12 Saaz/Cascade
Pennine Peak Yorkshire Bitter 3.3 1043 1008 4.7 35-40 30-35 Goldings/Fuggles
Triple Tykes Special Export Ale 4.0 1050 1010 5.4 40-50 35-45 Target/Goldings
Cobnar Wood Northern Brown Ale 3.8 1047 1012 4.8 45-55 50-60 Fuggles
Evil Dog Double IPA 4.7 1062 1010 7.1 40-45 12-17 Simcoe/Summit
Four Finger Jack APA 3.6 1046 1012 4.6 45-50 15-20 Centennial/Zeus
Easter Brew Chocolate Stout 4.2 1058 1012 6.0 40-50 90-100 Sovereign
Bad Cat Imperial Red  4.7 1061 1011 7.5 35-40 30-35 Amarillo/Willamette
Strawberry Pale Ale 3.1 1042 1008 4.5 25-30 15-20 Citra



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