Christmas Ideas 2016

What shall I get him for Christmas?



Same question – different year!

How about something really cheesey!!

What about something really exciting …

… a home distillery setup, to make his own spirits and liqueurs. A bottle of single malt whisky for under £5.00 and ready in 7-10 days or let him fill your liquor cabinet with a range of liqueurs and schnapps such as Amaretto, Coconut Rum, Peach Schnapps and many more for a fraction of the cost of the commercial equivalents. Airstill Starter Kit   £205.00 (Free postage)


If …

… you’re just looking for stocking fillers, what about trying the ‘Just Add Vodka’ Icon Liqueurs. A simple way to add a bit of a zing to a party without breaking the bank. Just add a cheap vodka to any of the sachets to transform them into delicious liqueurs.


No need to go any further, so go ahead ‘Make his day’

… Still going then the Mini Micro Brewery is the final say.

Mini Micro Brewery Poster B



See … Even Santa does a bit of home brewing