Flavouring the Alcohol

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Mixing the Spirit and Liqueur Flavouring

Your pure spirit will be similar to a vodka. So if you choose to, the final step is simply adding a flavour to it to make it into a new delicious creation.

Still Spirits offers over a hundred flavours and essences to choose from including spirits, liqueurs, cream liqueurs and fruit schnapps so you can replicate one of your favourites or create something new.

The ‘Still Spirits’ technical team, in New Zealand, is constantly developing and testing new and exciting flavours for their customers to make the process easier and more enjoyable.


This is quite a simple step, just follow the instructions on the label of your flavouring bottle or sachet and mix with the required amount of your distilled 40% alcohol (or vodka) NOTE: Some liqueur and schnapps flavours require  a powder base mixed to smooth and thicken the alcohol, please check the flavour description to see if you need this. Once mixed they are good to drink immediately though they will improve dramatically with aging.

The Spirits range includes the Still Spirits ‘Classic Essence Sachets’ which makes up 2x 1.125 litre of your favourite spirit. (The empty sachet can be cut down and glued to the bottle to make a useful label).

The ‘Top Shelf ‘ bottles make up 2.25 litres of spirit. Which is the equivalent of two 1.125 litre (40oz) bottles or three 750ml (26oz) bottles.

‘Liqueur’  flavouring requires the use of one of the three powder bases, which is mixed with alcohol then flavouring added and topped up with water to 1.125 litre (40oz). The amount of alcohol, base type and water required depends on the liqueur being mixed. The instructions are printed on the individual bottles.

The ‘Cream Liqueurs’ require the cream base powder which is dissolved in 250ml of water then 500ml of alcohol and the bottle of flavouring added, and finally topping up with water to make 1.125 litre (40oz).

TIP: Either beat the cream powder with an electric beater to get it fully dissolved or hand mix with a fork or whisk then pour through a sieve to take out the remaining lumps.

The Icon sachets are the easiest of the liqueurs to mix as you simply add the pouch contents to a 750ml bottle & top up with either cheap vodka or filtered alcohol at 37-40% ABV. Shake, chill and serve as a shot or over ice.

For the ultimate whisky connoisseurs we have the ‘Whiskey Profile Kit’ offering the home distiller the opportunity of making some of the world’s top whiskeys by mixing a variety of the fifteen different essences to produce each unique flavour. A recipe book is included with lots of favourites or you can experiment and make your own unique brand.


All of the spirit and liqueur mixes can be used without actually distilling your own alcohol by simply mixing them with the vodka you can buy at the supermarket. For example you can make two 1.125L (40oz) bottles of ‘Irish Cream’ from one 1litre (26oz) bottle of cheap vodka.

The next step needs no instructions – “Drink and enjoy” though please drink responsibly!