Just Add Vodka Liqueurs

Get a Little Adventurous

Whether it’s party time, shots with the girls or just a little tipple after a hard day, liqueurs hit the right spot everytime. No evening’s entertaining is complete without sharing a couple of smooth fruity schnapps or a mouthwatering cream liqueur.

Now it’s even easier to enjoy your favourite liqueur. Simply mix one of our flavours with an inexpensive vodka and start drinking. Combine certain liqueurs together and you have yourself a luscious cocktail.

Why spend your hard earned cash on expensive bottles of liqueurs when you can make your own, save money and have a bit of fun too!


Still Spirits offers a full range of liqueurs in the style of the world’s most famous liqueurs. They are not exact copies, but if you like the original you will undoubtedly like our offering. We have a wide range of liqueurs available to satisfy any taste. Each liqueur varies in thickness and sweetness and is flavour matched to the original.



The ‘Icon Liqueur’ range is the easiest to mix as you simply pour the essence into a 750ml bottle (wine bottle size) and top up with vodka, though some do require a little water added as well.


The ‘Top Shelf Liqueur’, and ‘Top Shelf Cream Liqueur’, ranges come as a two part pack. A packet of base sweetening and smoothing powder and a liquid essence flavouring. It is as simple as mixing the base pack with vodka and/or a little water and adding the liqueur essence. (These kits will make up 1125ml)

Check out some of the commercial equivalents HERE

So next time you’re at the supermarket pop a couple of cheap bottles of vodka into your basket and have some fun!

PLEASE NOTE: There is nothing illegal in making your own liqueurs from commercially bought vodka as the duty is paid for when you buy the alcohol. As these products are only a flavouring and do not contain any alcohol there is also no age restriction applied to their purchase.

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