Creating the Alcohol (Wash)


The first step in making a high quality spirit is to produce a good, clean wash.

It is recommended that you always use one of the Still Spirits Turbo Yeasts, and the Still Spirits Turbo Carbon with the Air Still to get the best results. You can use any of these yeasts for the Turbo 500 depending on conditions and requirements.

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There are 4 main yeasts you can use depending on what you’re trying to achieve

(Find out more about Turbo Yeasts)

Making the wash is basically combining yeast, water and sugar in a fermenter and then allowing it to ferment. Once fermentation is finished you clear your wash with Turbo Clear, we recommend using Still Spirits Turbo Clear. Once cleared, you can move on to distilling your wash using your still.

These are the instructions for making a wash using the Classic Yeast.

  1. Clean and sterilize your 30L fermenter, thermometer and mixing spoon using 2 teaspoons of sterilizer mixed with 3L of tepid water (30min) then rinse out with water.
  2. Add 21L of water at 40°C to the fermenter.
  3. Mix in thoroughly 6 kg of standard white sugar or 7kg of dextrose brewing sugar.
  4. Stir in the packet of Classic Turbo Yeast.
  5. Fix the lid with airlock attached (half filled with water).
  6. Put your fermenter somewhere warmish (approx 20°-25°C). Fermentation will generally start within an hour but don’t be too worried if it doesn’t. Yeasts can be temperamental and can sometimes take 24hrs to start. Be warned: Put the fermenter somewhere well ventilated or where the brewing smells won’t cause any offence.
  7. The fermentation should be completed with 3-5 days if temperatures are kept constant. You can check this with your hydrometer (a reading of 990 is fully done). If it is still higher then leave for another day or two.
  8. Add part A of the Turbo Clear sachet and stir vigorously for 2 min then leave to sit for an hour with the lid on.
  9. Gently stir in the Turbo Clear part B for 15 sec and leave for at least 24 hrs. During this time approx 95% of the yeast cells and sediment will fall to the bottom.
  10. The longer you leave the wash the better your finished spirit will be. As the wash has a very high alcohol percentage (approx 14%) it is quite stable but still needs to be stored without the chance of oxidation.

Your wash is now ready to be distilled to extract the ethyl alcohol (ethanol).

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