Xmas Ideas 2015

What shall I get him for Christmas?



Same question – different year!

Well if he’s not brewing … then a Bulldog Brews Basic Beer Starter Kit is just the answer. Everything needed to make his first batch of IPA, Lager or Bitter is in the kit (except some sugar and bottles).   £34.50 (postage only £4)


or …

… move up to the full Craft Beer Brewing Kit, which contains everything he’ll need to make his first batch, including a choice of full malt beer and a pressure barrel to store and serve the finished beer.   £109.00 (Free postage)

23014 Craft Startup Works

maybe …

… he likes a drop of wine, well the Cantina Starter Wine Making Kit is by far the simplest brewing anyone could do, and such huge savings! Makes 27 bottles of commercial quality grape wine in just 5 days.     £73.00 – £81.00 (Free postage)

Wine Start-up 5 Day Kit

What about something really exciting …

… a home distillery to make his own spirits and liqueurs. A bottle of single malt whisky for £5.00 and ready in 7-10 days or let him fill your liquor cabinet with a range of liqueurs and schnapps such as Amaretto, Coconut Rum, Peach Schnapps and many more for a fraction of the cost of the commercial equivalents. Airstill Starter Kit   £189.50 (Free postage)

Basic Fermenting Kit

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50303 (2)












If …

… you’re just looking for stocking fillers, what about trying the ‘Just Add Vodka’ Icon Liqueurs. A simple way to add a bit of a zing to a party without breaking the bank. Just add a cheap vodka to any of the sachets to transform them into delicious liqueurs.


No need to go any further, so go ahead ‘Make his day’

Oh …

… and if you’re the bloke mentioned above and read this, just email this page link to whoever is most likely to fulfill your wish list.


See … Even Santa does a bit of home brewing!